About me

About me:

Our ability to stop and look at the world around us may seem mundane, but is actually miraculous! Each flower, each insect, the sun, clouds and the sea are all rendered unique by their mere existence. We are so wonderful just the way we are! Each smile and glance, a stray curl, all speak volumes. I seek to ‘capture’ these moments, to preserve them for all to see.

The aim of my art is to make people stop for a moment to reflect on beauty. We are living beings and inanimate nature, we are dust from space, we are so interesting and changeable. With every line or brushstroke, I realise that each tiny detail deserves attention. I must focus on every millimetre, because only close observation will allow me to pare away what is superfluous!

I paint in oils in a classic style. Oil painting is technically demanding, but is also the most expressive medium. Each of my works is the culmination of a long process, which begins when I sketch my ideas and ends when I make the final touches. Out of respect for my work and for my collectors, I use only high quality materials and pigments that have stood the test of time.

Professional education:

(2005) Master of Arts in Visual and Plastic Arts and Painting, The Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

(2002-2005.) Prof. Juris Jurjans, Prof. Kristaps Zarins and Prof. Normunds Braslins Master Studio,The Art Academy of Latvia, Riga Latvia



“COME BACK!”, group exhibition, 8.10.2023-28.10.2023, BBK Nürnberg


Day of open Studio, 06.05.2023.- 07.05.2023, Veitshöchheim, Germany


Solo exhibition19.11.2022 – 08.01.2023 TIER REICH, Franck-Haus, Untertorstr. 6, Marktheidenfeld, Deutschland


Exhibition “Day of Open Studio” organized by the Cultural department of the municipality of Veitshöchheim, Corona canceled


Highlights ’16, TVD Art, Berlin


Women in Art, TVD Art, Berlin, Germany

Sommerspezial 16. Contemporary Fine Art – Ausgewählte Werke / Selected Works, TVD Art, Berlin, Germany

Aspekte 16. Contemporary Latvian Art, TVD Art, Berlin, Germany

SOMMERSPECIAL’ 15. Contemporary Realism, TVD Art, Berlin, Germany

26POSITIONS, TVD Art, Berlin, Germany

NEUER REALISMUS. Malerei | Paintings, TVD Art, Berlin, Germany


ASPEKTE 15, TVD Art, Berlin, Germany

GegenwART. Contemporary Fine Arts, TVD Art, Berlin, Germany

26POSITIONS, TVD Art, Berlin, Germany

Die Frau im Mittelpunkt, TVDART Galerie, Berlin, Germany


NEUER REALISMUS. Malerei | Paintings, TVD Art, Berlin, Germany


Sommerspezial 2012, TVDART Galerie, Berlin, Germany

Highlights – Die ersten zehn Jahre, TVDART Galerie, Berlin2011 “Aspekte” TVDART


Creative workshop “”Myth about…” gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

Exhibition “Autumn 2007”


Exhibition “Autumn 2006”


Exhibition of students and professors of Figurative Painting and Drawing Master Studio at the National Museum of Arts Exhibition Hall ARSENALS.


Presentation exhibition of the book “I Love Latvia” at the hall of Latvian Academy of Arts.



2007 Poster for exhibition and book cover design Kas valda valodu, valda prātu. Latviešu valoda okupāciju apstākļos , The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

2000 I Love Latvia by a group of authors, published by LLC Inkolat-N in Riga, 2000.